CHSAA Distinguished Alumni

   Each year the Centralia High School Alumni Association recognizes distinguished alumni from all walks of life and occupations.

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Distinguished Alumni Awards

The Board of Education of Centralia High School
proudly announces
the following individuals as recipients
of the

Centralia High School
Distinguished Alumni Award
Class of 2009

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Glen Daum

Class of 1958

Captain Larry Knolhoff

Class of 1968

Bobby Joe Mason

Class of 1955

Jimmie Evers

Class of 1930

Roy Lambert

Class of 1950

Ric Swartzlander

Class of 1978

These distinguished alumni were honored on
October 30, 2009
at the following two events

Distinguished Alumni Award Assembly
Friday, October 30 - 1:45 PM
Centralia High School Gymnasium
see photos
Distinguished Alumni Banquet

Friday, October 30, 2009
Centralia Area Historical Museum
see photos

  Any member of the Alumni Association may nominate former alumni, staff, or Board Members by completing the special Distinguished Alumni Award Nomination Form, and mailing it to CHSAA, 2100 East Calumet Street, Centralia, IL   62801